EMERGENCY {24h Emergency Help}
Police Flying Squad: 10111
Cellphone Emergency Number: 112


RSA Countrywide
Western Cape
Eastern Cape
Northern Cape

Childline South Africa information on provincial and national offices
Child Protection Units in South Africa
Child Welfare Offices countrywide  
Child abuse support organisations

Networks for women in SA and Africa


United States. Wisconsin. (SASSY)
United States, Kentucky


Other website Links to gender issues and sexual Violence

 Activating Your Rights, South Africa
South Africa Data base on where to go when human rights have been contravened
Respect – Activating the constitution in our communities and our lives
“32 (1) Everyone has the right of access to –
(a) any information held by the state; and any information that is held by another person and that is required for the exercise or protection of any rights.”

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, Private Bag x81, Pretoria, 0001. Street address: Presidia building, cor Pretrorius and Paul Kruger streets, Pretoria
Telephone: 012-3151111
Fax: 012-3260991 the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development website has interactive sites for those seeking information about the court in their area and detailed information from the Master of the Supreme Court. It contains, in downloadable format, very many of the forms you will need to enact your rights ranging from applications for Maintenance Orders, to the Warrant of Execution against Property in terms of Section 27 of the Maintenance Act, to the Notification to admit statements by witnesses and other forms.

National AIDS helpline 0800-012-322
Anti-corruption 0800-200-821
National health systems ethics line 0800-201-4144-14
Non-governmental organizations:
Childline, confidential counseling for children and adults 0800-055-555
Thetha Junction, sexual health information 0800-121-900
Marie Stopes Family Planning services 0800-117-785

Commission on Gender Equality: formed in terms of Section 187 of the Constitution: The CGE “must promote respect for gender equality and the protection, development and attainment of gender equality …(it) has the power to monitor, investigate, research, educate, lobby, advise and report on issues concerning gender equality.” Telephone 011-4037182 (or Cape Town 021-4264080) fax 011-4037188 email: [email protected]

The Police: Independent Complaints Directorate, 012-3391554 or Private Bag X463, Pretoria 0001

Problems in the workplace:
Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration 011-377.6625 or Private Bag X94, Marshalltown 2107

A member of a government department:
Public Protector - 012-322.2915/6; fax 012-3225093 or Private Bag X677, Pretoria 0001

Human rights violations:
SA Human Rights Commission deals with human rights violations that contravene the Bill of Rights
tel: 11-48488300; fax 011-4848403

 Law makers:

Constitutional Court:
The highest court in the land, this court sits only on issues that could impact on the constitution. 011-4038032 or fax 011-4036524

South African Law Commission:
This body investigates the possibility of new laws and if they consider them viable they draw up the laws which are then presented to parliament. The public is always invited to comment on the draft legislation. 012-3226440 ; fax 012-3200936

Rules Board for Courts of Law:
012-3239302 or fax: 012-3285567

 Asking for help:

Legal Aid Board:
This gives free legal assistance including lawyers to those who earn less than a stipulated income, they have offices in major cities and at the courts 012-4812700 or fax 012-4812716

Minister Kader Asmal
DoE information: 012-312.5271/3 email: [email protected]

Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang
Director of Communicable diseases (such as malaria, cholera, TB) 012-3120000 Health Systems Trust 031-3072945 fax 031-3040775 [email protected]
Medicine Information Centre 021-448302
SA Institute for Medical Research Travel Clinic 011-4899000
.Information on malaria – site run by SAIMR and DoH

Minister Ngconde Balfour
Information: Sandra Botha 012-334.3189 fax: 012-321.6187 Private Bag X896, Pretoria 0001 email: [email protected]

Minister Ronnie Kasrils
Information: Babs Naidoo 012-3368246 fax 012-3246592

(see under provinces too)
Sangoco (South African NGO Coaltion) contact them for advice on how to contact most SA NGOs, Information officer is Mothufi ka Shupinyane 011-403.7746


Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DoJCD) 1 floor, 29 Union street, East London 043-7027000 fax: 043-420414
Cecilia Makiwane hospital, Mdantsane: Matron Nomvula Silwane- Kwadjo, head of Womens Health Unit, 043-7614292; Pregnancy terminations: 043-7082342
Mother to Child Transmission (HIV) project Provincial head office - 040-6093701 or 040-6093936
E Cape NGOs
Creative Young Women, Box 2, Port St Johns, 5120 tel: 0722527577
Burgersdorp Community Resources and Advice center, Monica Lamb, Box 478, Burgersdorp 9744 tel: 051-6530735
Daliwe Advice Centre, Kenneth Sigidi, Box 197, Cathcart 5310 tel: 045-6331542
Gompo Welfare for the Aged, Box 7110, East London 5201 tel: 0431-331225
Lawyers for Human Rights, Box 816, East London 5200, tel: 0431-439168
Masimanye Child Abuse and Counselling center, Veronica Johnson, 2 Zilmar court, Albany street, East London 5201 tel: 0431-29052
Masimanye Womens Support Centre, Lesley Anne Foster, Box 565, East London 5202 tel: 043-7439241 Matatiele Advice Centre, Sejimpana Shabalala, Box 444, Matatiele 4730 tel: 039-7574131/4615 Independent Mediation Services of SA, (labour issues), Box 23492, Port Elizabeth 6000 tel: 041-573083 Young Womens Christian Assn, Box 229, Port Elizabeth 6600 tel: 041-446334
Rape Crisis, Box 23483, Port Elizabeth 6000, tel: 041-543804
Transkei Womens Zenzele Assn, Box 515, Umtata 5100 tel: 0471-24158 YWCA, Box 65, Umtata 5100 tel:0471-3012263

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, 1 floor, Sanlam building, 71 Maitland street, Bloemfontein 051-4484422 fax: 051-4484458
Disabled People of SA, Box 4262, Welkom 9460 tel: 051-4022521
National Children’s Rights Association, Box 470, Bloemfontein 9300 tel: 051-4354483
Rouxville Legal Advice center, Box 242, Rouxville 9958, tel: 051-6630148
Thusang Advice Centre, Box 5143, Phuthaditshaba, 9866 tel: 058-7136074

DoJCD, 15 floor, Carlton Centre, cor Commissioner and Kruis sts, Johannesburg 011-3310440 fax: 3310452
Office on the Status of Women (national) 012-3191620 or fax 012-3251922
Office of the Premier (Gauteng) 011-355-6245 or 011- 3556013 or fax 011-3556245 or 8349177
Gauteng NGOs
Streetwise, LL Kellen, Box 27937, Yeoville 21453 tel: 011-4024355,
Gender Unit Centre for Human Rights, Pretoria 012-4203712 or fax 012-4204306
Black Sash advice office, Box 2827, Johannesburg 2000 tel: 011-834.8361
Eldorado Park advice center, Box 979, Eldorado Park 1813 tel: 011-342.2824
Legal Resources Centre, Box 157, Wits 2050 011-403.7694
National Assn of People living With Aids, Johannesburg 011-7203349, Germiston 872-0975
Aids Law Project, University of the Witwatersrand 717-8600 or fax: 4032214
Restorative Justice Centre, Johannesburg 011-4401479 or fax: 012-4408303
Tshwareneng Legal Advice center, Johannesburg 011-4034267/70 or fax 011-4034275
Save the Children, Arcadia, Pretoria 012-3411889
SA Council for the Aged, Johannesburg 011-3118509
Timfanelo Community Legal Service center, Soweto 011-9856948
Healthwise Womens Clinic, Wits, 011-7205900 fax 011-7205901
The Lesbian and Gay Equality project, Yeoville 011-4873810/2
People Opposing Women Abuse, Johannesburg 011-6424345
Lifeline Stop Women Abuse Helpline 0800150150 

DoJCD, 2 Devonshire Place, Devonshire road, Durban 031-30153603 fax: 031-3015340/1
Ntabeni clinic, Sister Irene Bopela, superb clinic with soup kitchen, Box 406, Munster 4278 tel:039-319.2643
Greys Hospital - AIDS Coordinator, 033-413111/897.3143
Thandanani, orphaned and abandoned children, Pietermaritzburg, Linda Aandesgaard 033-345.1857
Targeted AIDS Intervention, Pietermaritzburg area, HIV education with youth through soccer, 033-342.2649] Home Based Care Support Group, Ixopo, B.A. Mkhize 039-834.2067
Youth for Christ, Durban and Pietermaritzburg (shelters for street children) tel: 033.3452970
Child and Family Welfare, Pietermartizburg, Julie Todd 033-342.8971
Mzamo Youth Group Mphophomeni - Zakhele Xaba(033)238-0966; PO Box 10007,Merryvale 3291.
National Peace Accord Trust, Port Shepstone, Telephone 039- 6822490
Kwa Zulu Natal programme for survivors of violence 033-3421378
Durban Advice Desk for the Abused hotline 031-3629673/79
Grip, Nelspruit and surrounding towns 013-7525993
Dundee Hospital (034 212 1111) has a crisis centre but no trained counsellor.
CSVR online directory -
034 212 4818 Welfare Department, Dundee.
LifeLine Pietermartizburg - 033 394 4444 or 0861 322 322
2 Jasmine Crescent Surjiaville, Newcastle
Tel: (034) 312-5882/3
Fax: (034) 325-5882
Counselling Information * long-term, short-term and emergency counselling on all aspects of violence against women, including telephone, face-to-face counselling, * couples counselling, group therapy, Free of charge; Mon - Fri 8h00-16h30

DoJCD, 92 Bok st, Pietersburg 015-2975523/4 fax: 015-2975523/4
Limpopo NGOs
National Children’s Rights Committee, John Mokoele, Box 967, Pietersburg, 0700 tel:015-2915111
Elim Market Womens Association, Elim 015-5563201 fax 015-5563201
Jane Furse Development Forum, Jane Furse 0132-651287 fax 0132-651348
Young Womens Education Group, Tzaneen 015-3553736 fax 015-3553953
Lesedi Aids Information center 0833364898 fax 015-6180549
Rural Womens Assn, Apel 015-6220016 University of Venda law clinic, Thoyandou 01592107-2548, fax 22045
Lawyers for Human Rights, Pietersburg 015-2915309
Malepo home based care and counseling, Charmaine Seloma, Mphogodiba 083-742-0591
Nkodibeng Outreach for early childhood development, Bochum 015-2321347

Department of Justice, Louieville, Nelspruit 013-7528393 fax: 013-7522666
Mpumalanga NGOs
Centre for Criminal Justice
, Winnie Kabayi, Private Bag X01, Scottsville 3209 Telephone: 0331-2605091
Acornhoek – Tinswalo hospital AIDS projects, Dr Paul Pronyk, 013-7970076
Bushbuckridge health and social services committee 013-7970412 fax 013-7970414
Masisukumeni Womens Crisis Centre 013-7803078
Bambanani Womens Gardening Club, kwaMhlanga 013-9473367
Kgautswane Development Centre, Ohrigstad, community skills centre and a women’s micro-credit bank, Clara Masinga - faxes c/o Blackies Supermarket: 01323 80115 or 013-238 0020.
Kgautswane Development Centre, Box 9, Ohrigstad 1122
National Children’s Rights Committee, Pastor J Scholtz, Box 1167, Ermelo 2350 tel: 01781-94502
National Children’s Rights Committee, Madala Mashego, Box 18, Graskop 1270, tel: 013-7671126
Grip, Nelspruit and surrounding towns 013-7525993

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DoJCD), Justice building, New Main st, Kimberley [email protected] 053-8325653/5 fax 053-8325621
Northern Cape NGOs
Tshedimosetso Advice and Development Centre, Warrenton 05333-3925
Read Education Trust, Kimberley 053-8811438
Skietsfontein Community Projects, Carnavon 02032-3613 Port Nolloth Youth Organisation 0255-8464

DoJCD, Plein Park building, 11 floor, Plein st, Cape Town 021-4623135 fax: 021-4623141
W Cape NGOs
Community Law Centre, Prof N C Steytler, Univ Western Cape, Private bag X17, Bellville, 7535 tel: 021-959.3700 email:
National Children’s Rights Committee, Stafford Isaacs, c/o Cafda, 8th Ave, Grassy Park 7945 tel: 021-7062000
Karoo Centre for Human Rights, Beaufort West tel: 023-4142480, fax 023-4142470 [email protected] Women on Farms project, Stellenbosch 021-8872960
Rape Crisis 021-4471467 [email protected] Womens Legal Centre 021-4240870 or fax 021-4240876

North West Province

Department of Justice, Tirelo building, Dr Luthuli drive, Mmabatho 018-3875111 fax: 018-3842406
National Children’s Rights Committee, Pule Mohutsiwa,Box 7760, Rustenburg 0300, tel: 0142-971300 Immanuel Community Service, Box 2038, Taung station
Cancer Association 0142-974552
Mabopane Advice centre 012-7010661
Thuso Advice center, Ventersdorp 018-2644082

Sources: Department of Justice, Commission on Gender Equality, various government departments, Sangoco,

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