From: "S.A.S.S.Y. Inc." Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 22:51:37 -0500

I am a survivor of horrific childhood abuse and in my 1st marriage. Survived 23 perpetrators from age 5-23. Healing journey now for 17 years has taken me to a peaceful place- though I still FIGHT daily for victims, women, children, survivors. I am writing to let you know that "our good deeds" are noticed- and even though it seems they are not at times- they are. I firmly believe this. God is the light and he knows his followers dear.
I survived to heal and now help others- the lord has lead me to this passage @ 40 years of age, Sexual Abuse Survivors Support year-round Inc was formed in 1993,a nonprofit, Christianspiritual based and now in 9th year of services. please visit my site and share it with others!!! We count on donations and fellow survivors to keep our cause alive and thriving.
It is such a tragedy when we loose innocent people, like Lydia Michaels, to these sinful and outrageous atrocities..I know of many who have died. Please know I am praying for you, and the May 20th event, and your calling to do all you can to eliminate sexual atrocities...
God speed, Sister Survivor in Christ
Vicki Bignell
Sassy Inc.
P.O. Box 727
Rice Lake, Wisconsin 54868
715-234-8445 Office-fax
[email protected]

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