Risk Assessment

domestic violence



Devised by the Philadelphia Rape Crisis Centre

Is this your situation?

1.Does your intimate partner act one way at home and another way when out in public?

2.Was your intimate partner physically or psychologically abused as a child? Did the person observe abusive behavior between parents?

3.Does he or she lose his or her temper frequently and more easily than seems necessary? Is your property destroyed?

4.Does the person threaten you?

5.Does he or she spend a lot of time with guns or other weapons?

6.Does the person commit acts of violence against objects and things rather than people? Is there cruelty to animals?

7.Does the person limit your involvement outside the home? Is there jealousy of significant other people in your life?

8.Does the person become very angry when you do not listen to his or her advice?

9.Does he or she make you feel guilty? Humiliated?

10.Does not making him or her angry become an important part of your behavior?

11.Do you think or feel you are being controlled?

Risk Assessment Quiz

Add a point for every yes answer.

The higher your points, the more you need to be alert, cautious or GET OUT!

Does your body language indicate doubt, insecurity or fear

Do you have the appearance of being young, elderly, or handicapped?

Have you been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused in the past?

Are you alone?

Are you isolated or is someone proposing you go with him/her to an isolated area?

Are you mentally preoccupied?

Have you consumed or are you around someone who has or is consuming drugs or alcohol?

Has violence or abuse taken place in the area, your situation, or in your past?

Are you with someone who shows any of the warning signs of a perpetrator?

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